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Discover the Best Cocktails in Bordeaux at Serge Bordeaux

Welcome to Serge, your destination for an incomparable cocktail experience in the heart of Bordeaux. Located in the vibrant Grand Théâtre district, Serge offers a cutting-edge selection of cocktails and over 250 spirits.

A renowned cocktail bar

Serge has been a leading figure in the world of cocktails and mixology in Bordeaux for many years. Our establishment regularly hosts prestigious competitions to elect the best cocktails and bartenders in France and Europe. Our mixologists, under the direction of Hugo Jouve, a seasoned head bartender with over eight years' experience in the world's most renowned cocktail bars, create cocktails that are veritable invitations to a sensory voyage. Hugo Jouve, having travelled the world to hone his techniques, offers an expertise you won't find anywhere else in Bordeaux. Committed to the national and international cocktail scene, Serge and his team strive to offer you the very best in mixology.

Discover our non-alcoholic cocktail menu

At Serge, we understand that enjoying cocktails is a pleasure that doesn't necessarily need alcohol to be savored. That's why we're proud to offer a menu entirely dedicated to non-alcoholic cocktails, embracing the trend towards "no low" and non-alcoholic drinks. We're delighted to be the first cocktail bar in Bordeaux to offer a complete selection of your favorite classics in non-alcoholic versions.
Among our non-alcoholic creations, you'll find carefully crafted interpretations of great classics:

  • The Negroni without Alcohol : A balanced version of this iconic Italian cocktail, where the blend of bitter and herbal flavors remains intact, without the alcohol.
  • The Boulevardier without Alcohol : Enjoy the richness of whiskey combined with the sweetness of vermouth, all without a drop of alcohol.
  • The Completely De-alcoholized Margarita : : An explosion of freshness with lime and a hint of salt, this Margarita promises all the pleasure of the original cocktail, without the effects of alcohol.

Our aim is to offer you the opportunity to enjoy a festive evening with all the pleasure of cocktails, but without the drawbacks of alcohol. Whether you're looking to reduce your alcohol intake, are pregnant, or don't drink alcohol for health or personal reasons, our alcohol-free menu ensures there's something for everyone. Come and discover how a non-alcoholic cocktail can also be rich in taste and creativity at Serge's. You'll be amazed at the results.

A festive atmosphere unique to Bordeaux

Serge is not just a place to drink a cocktail, but a truly immersive experience. Our décor, inspired by a vintage, intimate feel reminiscent of Paris's nightlife scene in the Saint-Germain district, creates the perfect atmosphere to unwind after a hard day's work or to kick off a festive evening.

Committed to quality and creativity

We are committed not only to offering exceptional quality in every glass, but also to constantly innovating to surprise and satisfy our customers. Our spirits are carefully selected from local, national and international spirits producers to guarantee an experience that matches our ambition to become one of Bordeaux's finest cocktail bars.

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Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or just looking for a good night out, we're the ideal place for anyone looking to explore the fascinating world of cocktails in Bordeaux. Book your table today and get ready for an experience you'll never forget.
We're proud to contribute to Bordeaux's reputation as a destination of choice for lovers of good cocktails and good company. Come to Serge where tradition and innovation meet to create cocktails that are not just drinks, but true cultural experiences.

Hugo Jouve Bimbard

Head bartender

Hugo, our self-taught, well-traveled head bartender, found his inspiration in Asia, before returning to Europe with a host of innovative ideas. Before joining our team at Serge, he honed his skills at Mama Shelter, La Belle Saison and Le Gabriel. His cocktail creations are distinguished by their minimalism and clarity, enhanced by subtle Mediterranean notes that give them unique flavors. Hugo's mastery of the bar classics is matched by his creativity, especially if you give him carte blanche for a bespoke cocktail.
He was also an early explorer of the non-alcoholic cocktail trend, known as "no low" or "non-alcoholic cocktails". As a result, he has become a forerunner in the Bordeaux market with his increasingly popular proposals.