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The festive restaurant in Bordeaux which offers beautiful French Brasserie cuisine.

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Serge : The festive restaurant in Bordeaux Grand Théâtre

Welcome to Serge, your festive restaurant in Bordeaux, located 2 steps from the Grand Théâtre, a place where gastronomy meets urban entertainment in a celebration of Bordeaux culture. Our restaurant is much more than just a place to eat, it's a true experience where every meal becomes a feast for the senses.

The Essence of Serge

In the heart of Bordeaux, Serge boasts a unique ambience that echoes the excitement of the nearby Grand Théâtre. From the moment you walk through our doors, you'll be greeted by a warm atmosphere and refined décor, designed to complement an evening of theater or any other cultural event. Our space is designed to merge the pleasure of dining with the pleasure of entertaining, making every visit a special occasion.

An inspired menu

Our menu reflects our passion for quality French cuisine. As a festive restaurant in Bordeaux, we offer dishes that are both a tribute to French culinary tradition and an invitation to explore bold, innovative flavors. From light starters to sumptuous main courses, each recipe is prepared with fresh, local ingredients. At home, our brigade cooks!

A festive atmosphere

At Chez Serge, festivity is at the heart of the experience. The restaurant's ambience is energized by events - a timeless playlist of music that will have you dancing and singing along, themed evenings and live performances that attract locals and visiting guests alike. Our parties are designed to celebrate in a chic setting, and to offer you the very best in service and hospitality. It's this festive spirit that makes Serge a rallying point for those looking for a festive restaurant in Bordeaux.

Unforgettable Evenings

We understand that the best part of going out is often where you choose to dine and relax. At Serge, every evening is an opportunity to celebrate, whether it's an intimate dinner for your date or a large festive table with friends. Our customers return for the lively atmosphere and warm welcome they find nowhere else in Bordeaux.

Commitment to Quality and Community

At Serge, we're proud to work in a short circuit and to offer traditional French cuisine that's sustainable in every dish we serve. This commitment is reflected not only in the freshness of our ingredients, but also in the relationships we've built up with producers over the years, ensuring that we offer you the very best.

Why choose Serge?

Booking at Serge means choosing a festive restaurant in Bordeaux that offers more than just a meal: it's an immersive experience. Whether you come for the setting, the cuisine or the ambiance, you'll find at Serge a quality and attention to detail that exceeds expectations.

At Serge, you'll never be alone!

Our restaurant is a crossroads for locals and visitors, where encounters are made and you'll always find a night owl to party with. Whether you're from Bordeaux or just passing through, our door is always open to offer you a memorable experience that combines the best of French cuisine with the excitement of a festive restaurant.

Reserve your festive restaurant in Bordeaux

Serge isn't just a restaurant, it's a destination. It's where friends meet, families celebrate and food lovers gather to share unforgettable moments. With our central location, exquisite cuisine, and incomparable ambiance, Serge is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a festive restaurant in Bordeaux. Don't hesitate: Make a reservation!

Andrei Postolache

Group Director

At the heart of the Serge adventure is a person whose passion, expertise and vision have transformed this restaurant into a must-visit destination. A visionary with an unwavering devotion to service excellence and an unrivalled global vision, Serge is a place where elegance, gastronomy and celebration come together to offer a unique experience.
He has an exceptional passion for creating memorable customer experiences. This passion has led him to hone his skills in all aspects of the industry, from managing establishments to developing innovative concepts. He never stops looking for new ways to amaze customers and immerse them in an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Quentin Pesquey

Head Chef

After two years in London with Alain Ducasse, Quentin Pesquey pursued his career at Château Lafaurie Peyraguey (2 Michelin stars) and Gabriel (1 Michelin star) in Bordeaux. He puts his excellence at Serge's service, offering precise, reassuring cuisine. Charismatic and friendly, come and meet him at the chefs' table, to which he pays particular attention.